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Metal Cells Studio was started in 2001 to explore creative concepts for
professional presentation initiatives in marketing and multimedia productions.

Our design philosophy includes developing projects with a high sense of
detail and appreciation ranging from web development, print, motion
graphics, branding, identity.

We develop visual solutions in various media outfits that gives clients a
arsenal of presentation mediums to showcase products and services.

Metal Cells Studio works closely with clients eventually developing
strong partnerships representing an extension of clients business. This
strong sense of care involved in project development is the key to
success in design completion.


We assure a tasteful end results that gives clients a pleasure to present
as a display of project completion.

Metal Cells Studio produce and develop projects by analyzing the best cost
effective solution to display media in a professional form.

Known to be a extremely "easy going" company that is approachable and
understanding while excercising high standards in design developments.

We here at Metal Cells Studio gurantee a sastisfied product and impeccable
customer service during production and in post-Production to assure a
well rounded experience of great value.