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Here at Metal Cells Studio we thrive to create company identities that
will give a recognizable visual personality to clients and consumer

Our effective approach to company identity design gives a overall stable
business presence in the marketplace enabling precise communication for
the client's targeted business goals.


The ability to have a user friendly navigational web interface is one of
the most important factors when development is taken place for the
pupose of web design.

The efficiency of a client's website to be viewable on multiple browsers,
site output speed, and viewer interaction is taken into prime evaluation
during development on websites.

Our goal during website building is to construct highly effective
environments for internet communications creating a powerful
competitive asset to the client's business arsenal.


Metal Cells Studio incorporates strong color coordinated guidelines and
high quality graphics with a stern attention to detail surrounding our
design principles.

Whether it is a CD cover, apparel, magazine, or any other form of media
in need for graphic input we assure superior quality and design.


Utilizing motion graphics in tv ads, web marketing, and film production is an effective tool when showcasing products and services in todays competitive marketplace.

Metal Cells Studio develops motion graphics concepts using rich media
content in appealing environments that blend art with proper
communication for the targeted goal of the advertisement.